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Gail Smirthwaite – Golf Confidence Coach

I am really excited to share my all-new web-site that has been designed specifically with YOU in mind.

I have been in this industry for some time now so this web-site is an amalgamation of all that is very best about what I have learned on my journey to becoming The Golf Mind Guru.

I know that many of you completely understand how important it is to think positively and to be confident when it comes to your game of golf. I also know that that many of the circumstances you find yourselves facing often make this state of mind more of an ideal than a reality!

I completely understand that when you are stood in the middle of a wooded area with your ball firmly lodged behind a tree it is difficult to stay calm, confident and positive!

With this in mind I have created a site that will enable you to build your knowledge and confidence in a way that will help and support you at your own pace. I have added a Forum which is available free of charge for you to read and to post your comments and thoughts. I will be checking in regularly and contributing, but feel free to add your insight and ask your own specific questions.

For those of you who have found me for the first time A BIG WELCOME. If you are new to me and my style of golf confidence coaching then here is a little more about my credentials; I have worked with the PGA and leading PGA professionals, and I also tour UK Golf Clubs giving talks on how to become a more confident golfer.

I gained my honours degree in Social Studies at the University of Sussex in Brighton and the University of California San Diego, and my full accreditation in Coaching at Wolverhampton University.

I have had many successes in coaching both professional and non-professional golfers in lowering their handicaps and playing consistently better golf. By teaching motivation skills and confidence building I have helped many golfers gain greater awareness of themselves and their abilities; encouraging goals to be achieved and increased self-esteem and confidence.

I have written for many golfing magazines as their resident golf mind coach; ‘Lady Golfer and National Club Golfer’ magazines in the UK and South African Woman Golfer as well as Golf Algarve and Golf Spain.

I have also appeared as an ‘expert mind coach’ on Radio Two’s Chris Evans Show on the subject of creating a winning and positive mentality in golf; as well as appearing on many regional BBC Local Radio programmes.

When it was released in 2013  ‘The 7 Secret Steps of A Highly Successful Golfer’ went to Number One on the Kindle Best-Seller list under the Golf category.  Somewhat long overdue I am pleased to announce the release of my new printed book 'The Conscious Golfer'.

This book delves even deeper into helping golfers of all standards to understand how their mind can work for them rather than against them, whilst playing.  The main aim of the book, and the accompanying Guidebook, is to enable golfers to become conscious of doing more of what will help them to achieve the success they seek on the golf course, and less of what does not help.  By identifying the negative self-talk that leads to unhelpful behaviour the golfer will learn how to change their mindset to one that is positive and supportive. For all standards of golfers, 'The Conscious Golfer' will demonstrate how every golfer can learn to mentally play off scratch.

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This website is for you to use to help you play more confident golf, but above all else to make sure that you remember to have FUN when you play.



Gail Smirthwaite - Golf Confidence Coach
Gail Smirthwaite - Golf Confidence Coach