The Conscious Golfer

When emotions, the mind, and the body, are in tune; magic can happen.

To become the golfer you’ve always wanted to be it’s time to get to know yourself better. It’s only through becoming consciously aware of the negativity around you, and that which you self-impose, that you will be able to create the success you seek on the golf course.

It takes courage to act differently and to take responsibility to evolve yourself to become a better golfer, but by doing so, you will also become a happier, more confident person.

This book will provide the help and inspiration to not only unlock your true golfing potential but to create happiness in your life in general. Gail has created Six Keys, that when used together, will help you to truly master your mental game of golf.

Release Date: 7th February 2018

£11.99 (UK)

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