“How to Become A More Confident and Consistent Golfer”

Golf Therapy
Do you need some Golf Therapy?


Is it time to sort out …

Do you need some Golf Therapy?

–          First Tee Nerves

–          Fellow players who knock your confidence

–          How to STOP beating yourself up every time you hit a bad shot

–          How to learn some great tools to play more consistently

–          How to perform as well in a competition as a social game of golf

–          How to improve your handicap

During my ‘Golf Mind’ talk you will learn…

HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY so that you play more successfully, and how important it is to make sure that you are controlling your mind and that it isn’t controlling you!

HOW TO THINK POSITIVELY – it’s as easy as thinking negatively – only the results are far better!

The ‘you’ you see, is the ‘you’ you’ll be!’

The quality of your self-talk is central to your potential for success in any area of life especially your game of golf.  You will learn HOW to identify your negative self-talk, WHY it is so important, and WHAT to do about changing it to help you not only play better, but enjoy your game of golf more. 

Ms. Control Freak

  • HOW to create personal awareness so that will you can move from negative thinking to positive thinking INSTANTLY!
  • WHYyour self-talk will create your reality – good or bad! i.e. if you tell yourself you are going to drive your ball into the water … WHY and HOW you actually end up there!
  • WHATyou can do to stop these negative self-talk gremlins affecting your game.


While the old saying goes –

 ‘You can take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink!’

I do believe that those who attend one of my talks will be encouraged to take a little sip for themselves, enabling them to investigate and understand why training their mind plays as bigger part as learning to swing a golf club!

Many attendees have been inspired to take a big gulp and to keep on drinking – changing the way they play their golf for the better forever.

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If you would like an information pack about the Talks and Workshops I can present at your club then contact me directly CLICK HERE

DAY OR EVENING TALKS – £10 per person minimum of 25  (most locations)

Tickets and flyers for you promote the talk are provided.


  • Presentations can be conducted in the morning, afternoon or evening at your Golf Club.
  • A room with the number of chairs required in relation to tickets sold and if possible a Flipchart stand made available.
  • The presentation commences with a one-hour introduction on ‘How To Become a More Confident Golfer’ followed by a short break then a further hour on ‘How To Create Consistency in Your Game of Golf’, finally followed by a 30 minute Q & A session. (Total time approximately 3  hours).

Fees – How it Works

You are provided with flyers to enable you to promote the talk at the Club.

  • You are also given the tickets to sell for the event at £10 per head.
  • You will need to send a deposit of £50 with the balance payable on the day.
  • You need to have a minimum number of 25 attending.

There is no cancellation fee or postponement fee as long as you do so within 48 hours before the date booked - your deposit will be returned in full.

You can also book half and full day workshops at different price points but with fewer attendees so they each get a more personal and fuller training experience.

TO FIND OUT MORE CONTACT ME - gail@golfmindguru.com